Steven Smith

Steven Smith



 What do I expect from a batsman now ??

That he will take the helm to the needs of the team and play effective innings. That can be how many runs. And sometimes he can fail. But sometimes he will play some innings that will completely erase those few failures.

But no matter how good a batsman is now. 

Do we ever think that he will score a century in every match ?? 

Will he score fifty in every match or will he remain unbeaten ?? 

The answer is no! Kei is the norm and most players maintain it (except for a few very consistent batsmen, including Fab 4).

However, there was one such person at one time. Who came on the field means century-fifty or not out. Whose average is 99.98 !!.

Yes, I was talking about Sir Donald Bradman. This superstar has such an incredible reputation that it is a far cry to break this record. If anyone can get close to him, he will consider himself lucky. Yes, there are readers !!. Australian right-handed batsman Steven Smith seems to be on the same path. His unbelievable 71 in Test format seems to be the same thing. As soon as he enters the field, the opposing team comes to a standstill. Let's see where Modern Bradman started his career as a leg spinner.

He was born on June 2, 1989 in Sydney, Australia.

Although he was considered the best Test batsman of the time, he was a leg-spinner in the beginning. He could bat at the bottom. At first, there was a lot of criticism about his selection in the Australian team.

He started his career in the Australian Domestic League in all formats in the 2007–06 season. He was also played as a leg-spinner. He continued to develop his talent. He made his T20 debut against Pakistan in February 2010 and his ODI debut against the West Indies shortly after that series. He made his Test debut against Pakistan in July of the same year.

Despite making his national team jersey debut, he has been criticized in many quarters in Australia for not being fit for the national team right now. Excluded from all formats. But Smith, who is not in the mood to lose, understands that if he wants to stay in a team like Australia, he will not have to do with what he has. He needs to be further upgraded. He worked hard to prepare himself. He kept sweating with his batting. He saw Australian legend Greg Chappell. He said that in a few years Smith would be the best batsman of the century in Australia. He certainly did not say wrong. Steve Smith is showing.

The Ashes that knocked him out. That Ashes is like a rebirth of Steve Smith. Everyone is shocked to see his batting progress. Although there is criticism for his unorthodox action. Despite losing the series, the selectors did not have the courage to drop Smith this time. Australian cricket has more confidence in this cricketer who has undergone a complete change. In return he gave some great innings at home in the Ashes. One of which was a great century in the series-determining Test. He kept this touch in the next Africa series. Here also Australia made a great contribution to win the series.

2013-14 season. Steve Smith seems to know himself completely differently. This is the season when he established himself as a genuine batsman. He has not had to look back since he had a great series against India at home.

His main strength is his indomitable mentality. He bowled the bowlers with a lot of shaky batting stance. He is equally skilled in handling two types of pace spin attacks. Back foot punch. Spin without boundaries with the help of grip. This wonderful batsman can do 150 balls and smooth strokes without boundaries.

This extraordinary batsman also proved himself in colorful attire in Tests. He played 5 consecutive 50+ innings in the 2015 World Cup. Among them were the important quarter-semi-finals and final matches !! Pune reached the final.

That's how Smith became. After the retirement of Michael Clarke, he was made the captain of the Australian team in all formats. He was the best performer with the captain of the most elite cricket team in the world.

He was banned from all formats for a year on charges of ball tampering during the 2016 South Africa tour. All cricket fans, including Cricket Australia, fell head over heels. That's exactly what happened to Smith. He's back a few times more terrifying. He's been criticized by everyone with his wide bat. He's shown that Steve Smith comes to rule cricket. Not to lose by playing a couple of innings.

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